Window Tinting

Being car enthusiasts ourselves we believe it is important to make sure every car looks its best.

Tinting your windows not only enhances your car from the outside but can help keep your car cool during hot summer days. Not only that, getting your windows tinted means more protection against harmful UV rays for you and the interior of your car. With a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured your car will look its absolute best.

Services - Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting

Many homes now are designed with large window areas to enhance the image of the house from the outside. No argument that windows can make a house to look beautiful but it also attracts harmful ultraviolet light.

Tinting your residential windows will not only increase comfort while protecting you and your loved ones but will also help reduce energy bills!

Contact Tempus Auto Spa for a quote or call us and get in touch.

Commercial Window Tinting

Tempus also specializes in window tinting for commercial properties as well. Whether it’s one office or a multiple story window, we’ve got you covered. We understand the need and importance of having high quality window films, that’s why our professionals have been trained in all installation techniques.

Exterior Hand Wash

Automatic car washes are now popular than ever. They’re great if you’re looking to save time. At Tempus we believe your car is too precious to be put through an automatic car wash without the magic of human touch.

We hand wash all types of cars, bikes, SUV’s, boats and so much more!

Unlike automatic car washes, we can guarantee there will be no swirl marks or scratches of any kind. We use microfiber wash cloths that are not harsh on the paint of your car. And if you drive an SUV, you won’t have to worry about not being able to fit in our two-lane hand car wash

Car Detailing

D etailing your car has never been easier with our team at Tempus. What’s the point of having the exterior of your car look sparkling clean when you’re too afraid to show the interior?

At Tempus we can take care of all that. You can choose from a variety of different details:

  • Mini Detail
  • Quick Detail
  • Complete Interior Detail
  • Tempus Golden Detail

Wheel & Rim Repair

Living in Chicago can be very hard on  your wheels. The potholes issue has been longstanding with the City and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. We can save you money and make your wheels look brand new. No need to waste money and buy new rims. We specialize in rim repair and refinishing, balancing, and vibration problems. Come in to Tempus Auto Spa and let us take a look. To get an affordable quote, contact Tempus right away.

Vehicle Wraps

What is a vehicle wrap? Lets just say another way to make your car look great. A vehicle wrap is a vinyl sticker placed appropriately on your car. It can cover a small area or your entire car. Many of our famous vehicle wraps include a matte finish. Not only does it take less than a day to wrap your vehicle but it doesn’t cause damage to your original paint.

Services - Vehicle Wraps

Full Range of Services

Tempus exterior hand wash, windows, and tire dressing included.

  • Bikes $9.99
  • Cars $14.99
  • SUV $18.99

Tempus exterior hand wash, dusting down the interior and quick vacuuming on floor and mats. Tire dressing included.

  • Car $19.99
  • SUV $24.99
  • XL 26.99

Tempus hand wash, spray wax on the body, Rain-X on windows, hand wash and wax on tires and rims, wiping down all panels, seats, vacuum on the floor, mats and seats, polish on dash (optional), clean seats, carpets, floor and trunk, power wash mats, sanitize car with steam.

  • Car $26.99
  • SUV $32.99
  • XL $34.99

Tempus hand wash inside + outside.

  • Car $13.99
  • SUV $15.99

Tempus exterior wash including tire dressing.

  • Car $9.99
  • SUV $11.99

1-layer Carnauba. 1-month protection.

  • Car $66.99
  • SUV $79.99
  • XL $84.99
  • Shampoo Mats $8.00
  • Spray Wax $5.00
  • Rain-X $5.00
  • Spray Wax $8.00
  • Interior Vinyl Shine $8.00
  • Undercarriage Wash $2.00
  • Car Engine Wash $19.99
  • SUV Engine Wash $24.99

Inside and outside hand wash, shampoo floor, mats, and trunk.

  • Car $69.99
  • SUV $74.99

Prices are per panel: hood, fender, door, mirror, etc. Includes Tempus in+out hand wash.

  • Light-Colored Vehicles $29.95
  • Dark-Colored Vehicles $39.95

Prices are per rim.

  • 15″-17″ $7.99
  • 18″-19″ $9.99
  • 20″-21″ $11.99
  • 22″+ $19.99

Hand wash and wax tires and rim, undercarriage wash, engine clean by hand or by steam (upon preference). Use clay bar to decontaminate the paint, 5-7 passes of high-med-slow buff, seal the paint with wax.

  • Car $160.00
  • SUV $170.00

Triple extraction on carpet, floor mats, trunk, stain removal on leather or cloth.

  • Car $124.99
  • SUV $134.99

Add wax.

  • Car $144.99
  • SUV $149.99

Tempus hand wash, interior clean, leather conditions and vinyl shine, mats shampoo, hand wash and wax tires plus spray wax on the body and Rain-X on the windows.

  • All vehicles $99.99

All interior vinyl surfaces cleaned then protection applied to dash/console to bring back shine/protect from ultraviolet rays.

  • All vehicles $60.00

Hand wash and wax tires and rim, undercarriage wash, engine clean by hand or steam (upon preference). Use clay bar to decontaminate the paint, 5-7 passes of high-med-slow buff, seal the paint with wax. Triple extraction on carpet, stain removal on leather or cloth.

  • Car $245.00
  • SUV $255.00

Everything included in Show Room Shine plus the “auto armor” package. Polymer based paint sealing wax. Protects paint for 1-year. Same package dealerships sell

  • Car $325.00
  • SUV $350.00
  • XL $500.00


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